Install 7Zip Manager

7Zip will not extract the (large) Wikipedia tar file. Use a Unix/Linux system such as Cygwin.

1. Navigate to program/7zip on thumb drive.

2. Click on

7z920.exe 32 bit Systems
7z920-x64.msi 64 bit Systems

3. Click Run

4. Click Install

5. Click Finish

Unpack Archive

1. Start 7Zip

2. Navigate to and select gutenberg_txt.7z on thumb drive.

3. Click Extract button.

4. Select target directory, NOT on thumb drive.
This step requires 38GB free space.

5. Press OK button.

6. Select gutenberg_txt.tar, the file previously extracted.

7. Click Extract

8. Select destination directory, Extract to:. Requires another 38GB.

9. Click OK

10. This takes several hours.

11. Delete gutenberg_txt.tar if you need the space and are not creating any additional expanded copies.